This Sucks….

I know I’m coming to this story a little bit late….but check out for a fantastic taste of all that is wrong with celebrity-driven development work.  Starsuckers was first aired on UK television in April 2010 and describes itself as a “darkly humorous and shocking expose of celebrity obsessed media.”  As part of this, the film apparently takes aim at the great celebrity love-in that was Bob Geldof’s Live Aid. 

I say apparently because I haven’t seen the film.  But when I started browsing the site to learn more about it, I was absolutely captivated by the Bob Geldof letter.  Check it out for a rare glimpse into the breathtaking arrogance, hubris and narcissism that drives this brand of celebrity do-gooder.  Not only does Geldof spend pages extolling his own stellar credentials, but he goes on to dismiss any form of criticism –no make that critique—of Live Aid.

“Live Aid did no harm whatsoever to anyone. The exact verifiable opposite is true. It did nothing but good. There are many independently monitored and evaluated documents underscoring that fact. Unsubstantiated assertions are meaningless.”

Nothing but good?  Unsubstantiated assertions?  Seriously, doesn’t this perfectly capture the myopic delusions of someone who inhabits a rarefied world but claims to crusade on behalf of the world’s poorest people?

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