Brazil’s new leader…

Is it old fashioned to be excited by the election of a female leader?  If it isn’t, it probably should be.  Still, I can’t help but feel a little thrill every time I see a woman elected to a country’s top spot.  Not because I believe that women are inherently more capable leaders.  But because I believe women deserve the chance to prove themselves to be capable leaders.   

So a smile crept across my face when I saw that Dilma Rouseff took 55% of the vote to become Brazil’s first female President.  Of course there are issues:  she was Lula’s “handpicked” successor, a term which always rings alarm bells for me about democratic process.  And apparently she had plastic surgery to enhance her popular appeal (But it is Brazil, after all).  Never mind.   Good luck to Ms. Rouseff coming to the helm of one of the world’s most promising and problematic nations.  

Her election is an affirmation of possibility for women worldwide.   Let’s hope it’s the same for Brazil.

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