Who Are the Criminals?

Indict Gaddafi on war crimes charges?  I’m all for it.  But doesn’t it reveal the very political nature of the International Criminal Court?  That it’s largely a foreign policy weapon rather than an instrument of justice?

The chief prosecutor at the International Criminal Court sought warrants yesterday for the arrest of Gaddafi, his son and his brother-in-law for the brutal suppression of the uprising against his rule.  The chief prosecutor said serves as an example to “all the other leaders who are thinking of using violence to gain or retain power”.

Hmmm… that describes a whole lot of leaders.  Mugabe of Zimbabwe.  Zewari of Ethiopia. And those were just the first two that came to mind.  Is it because they get on quietly with the business of brutal suppression that the ICC doesn’t choose to prosecute them?  Because they deploy out-of-work thugs rather than rocket launchers? 

Anyway, I don’t think the world’s strong men are shaking in their presidential palaces.  Nine years ago the court issued a warrant for Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir over violence in Darfur.  Last time I checked he was still in power. 

I’m guessing Gaddafi isn’t too worried either.  A bomb will probably get him before the ICC’s chief prosecutor does.

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