Tant pis

Apparently those old colonial ties remain strong — French ones, at least. I have very mixed feelings about France’s intervention in Mali. On the one hand it feels almost anachronistic: the colonial big daddy coming into save its former child from the Muslim baddies. An expedient — desperate? — reliance on European might when it suits. It’s 2012, shouldn’t the African Union lead a political intervention? South Africa has the military might. Even the UN could pipe up about the conflict? Instead we just get pictures of French fighter planes being readied for battle. But then I read the following article and want to sing La Marseillaise. http://wapo.st/SyDwWD Whose job is it to intervene when women in a poor African country are being systematically raped and an entire culture obliterated? On second thought, maybe this an exquisitely justifiable use of old colonial power. You think the Brits are readying for battle in Nigeria?

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