Have the Discipline

Just started reading The Fifth Discipline again by Peter Senge, and it’s like meeting up with a long lost bestie.  I know this book; I get this book.  And, boy, does it get me.  Page after page I nod, silently repeating right and uh huh. Jeez, does he capture everything that I’ve found wrong – let me rephrase that, challenging — about “doing good”.  The so-called “laws of the fifth discipline” should be on the wall of every aid agency in the world:  “Behavior grows better before it grows worse.”  Uh huh. “Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.”  Right! “The harder you push the harder the system pushes back” (By now I’m kinda breathless). I know the title sounds like Star Trek, but read it.  There’s a reason it’s in its second edition.

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