A Crisis of Imagination

I was bouncing up and down in my chair as I read this. http://nyti.ms/13kvVJK  Sweet, sweet music to my ears.  And from a ‘lil Buffett?  The old man can’t be all that happy with his son’s sentiments–given that he is a sort of granddaddy of said complex “Charitable Industrial Complex”.  Ah well, let them fight it out over their very long dinner table.  I will allow myself to feel heartened that people with some modicum of power and influence are starting to publicly challenge not just the impact of charity/aid, but the intentions behind it.  (Love, love, love the image of the guilt washing station.  Think I can ask him to borrow it?)

And he finishes off by speaking the unspeakable;  saying what many of us have known or felt but have been wary to articulate:  That the system is fundamentally broken and no one can imagine an alternative.  That it isn’t about making aid more efficient or business minded.  It needs a complete overhaul:  break it down, sell off the parts, re-enage, re-imagine, re-build.  He actually said that it’s broken! Which, of course, begs the question:  who’s gonna rebuild it?  Who’s got the will, mandate, chutzpah, vision, resources to build a whole new approach to international development?  Cuz there’s a whole lotta vested interest in the status quo.

Now THAT’s what I hope father and son are discussing over the dinner table.

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