Few of us would call ourselves Artists. And yet each of us has her “way”. Her way of walking in the world. Of getting things done. Her way of making her presence felt.

Skills, talents, personality traits, beliefs – they comprise our Artistry. Jane Austen had her writing. Trevor Noah his humour. Beyonce uses her music. The Pope his religion. Each of these Troublemakers uses his or her Artistry to speak their Truth, to assert their Identities in this world, and to realize their sense of Purpose.

Troublemaking becomes possible when we express our authentic selves – our whole selves — to the world. In that sense Troublemaking is so natural – so much more effective — when it comes as an expression of your personal Artistry.

Artistry transforms Troublemakers from Pirates to Pioneers. Critics to creatives.

We become more than hollow echoes of grievances or assent. So much more than Yes or No people. We represent possibility: the possibility that out of divisions and rancor something new could be born. New perspectives, new ways of seeing, new relationships.

Artistry becomes a telegraph for Hope.

This Mandela Day, name your Artistry. Claim it. And decide how you’re going to express it to make some Trouble in your world.

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