Courageous Conversations Giveaway

Think of it as spa day.  For your heart.

Together we’ll look at the story of your life, and how you would like that story to end.  We’ll take a deep breath and list out the courageous conversations you’re going to need to have in order to realise that happy ending.  What talents you’ve ignored for too long.   What truths need to be told to move your relationships or career forward.  What risks you’ll take this year to get closer to pursuing your passions.  By the time we say goodbye you’ll have a road map for living courageously in 2017.

Exfoliate.  Massage.  Buff.  Your life.  Until you have the one you want.

Apply via my Facebook page here.


You need to be prepared to be in central Cape Town for a full day between February 1 and May 1.

We’ll choose a date that works best for you, me and the two friends who’ll join you. So you’ll need to cover your own transport and accommodation, if needed.

We’ll work together from 9-5. And I need you to be free that entire time. Otherwise I just ask for an open heart and mind, and a keen commitment to mapping the way forward this year.

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