Walking Away – Saying No and Yes

That sound you hear is probably not your feet running. Very few of us get out of that job, relationship, or commitment in a dramatic rush.  Maybe all you hear are faint tip toes. A couple of unsteady steps forward. Or the determined, deliberate gait of one foot after the other.

Two of the very hardest words to say are “No” and “Yes”.  No to that which no longer serves you. Yes to whatever risks you’re tempted to take in order to realize your calling.

The thing is, you have to say No and Yes together, one after the other, doesn’t matter in which order. Because No without Yes can leave you in limbo. While Yes without No can quickly turn dreams into fantasies.

If you want to walk towards something better, you’ve got to be prepared to walk away from that which doesn’t serve you.

Obvious, right?

But think about what exactly you have to leave behind. Think hard. A dead end situation, of course. But — much more importantly– all the parts of you that kept you in that situation in the first place. The negative mental models and self-sabotaging behaviors, the insecurities and fears, they don’t serve us. Never will. And yet many of us spend our lives toting them around as we move jobs, cities, loves. And funnily enough, we feel like we’re never getting anywhere.

So walk away. Go! Go for it! Leave behind that situation that no longer serves you. But make sure you leave the little lethal parts of you there with it. Don’t even kiss them goodbye.

Then listen, listen closely, to the sweet sound of your pace picking up.


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