Writing is my passion, but I also enjoy the opportunity to engage more directly with people about the issues covered on this site.

So I deliver one hour keynotes and half-day conference seminars on a variety of topics relating to developing world affairs. I specialise in helping individuals and organisations to look beyond newspaper headlines and charity slogans in order to better understand developing world issues and how they might affect them. Some specific topics include:

  • the realities of international aid work,
  • a common sense perspective on African development,
  • understanding “the real world” of Africa, and
  • rethinking the role of the individual in international charity

Despite the serious subject matter, my style is engaging and accessible and my aim is to enable participants to reflect on their perceptions of the developing world and their place in our world.  By the end of one of my sessions, I can practically ensure you will never read headlines about Africa and the developing world the same way again!