2017 is happening! 0

2017 is happening!

Posted by on 23rd Jan, 2017

So 2017 is happening. Apparently. My kids went back to school today. Which means I need to officially look this year in the eyes. With them around I could feign distraction — avoid plans or promises in the name of being present. The quiet in the house brings with it a kind of reckoning. What do I make of this year? What can I make this year? I’m supposed to be making lists, aren’t I? Wish lists, to do lists, declarations of independence from the debacle that was 2016. Yes, like so many others I felt gutted by 2016. Gutted of belief in common sense and common decency and a shared common humanity. It’s vicious and devious out there right now, and I’m not sure humans have a cure for what ails us. I no longer believe in progress. Or in happy endings. Shit happens. Shit happened. And yet 2017 is happening as well. And I find myself scratching around for belief amidst the wreckage. Because in 2016, l didn’t just lose faith in my fellow human, I lost a little bit of belief in myself as well. When everything is falling around you, it’s hard to keep standing tall, clear eyed and resolute. Can I really change this...

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